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About Us

Online food ordering is becoming more and more popular as customers are taking more and more interest in ordering online.Foodchaw provides customized system for online food ordering, which is developed to work for restaurant from worldwide.

The restaurant owner can easily receive orders through online menu with customized design .This system will give a new channel for doing business by allowing customers to start food ordering in minutes. The purpose of having online food ordering system is to collect data on customers as each food order is placed. Then this system can be used to store email address, phone number name, address etc. whenever, order takes place , this system builds powerful database of your customers. With this database, you can run targeted promotional campaigns, sending vouchers to customers.

Online Ordering system works on two parallel fronts

Firstly, we make it convenient for restaurant owners by developing food ordering system for their restaurant which is totally online through our highly efficient platform and in the process, provide analytics report to increase their business value.

Secondly, customer can access the ordering system easily by their smartphones that is android and Ios platform through our App . Easy and friendly mobile interface makes it convenient for customer through smartphone. Furthermore, our platform is integrated with social media, which enables you to make the most of social networking channels.

Custom Pricing

The best part is that you can obtain immense benefits and convenience at almost no costs. We do not charge monthly fees or installation fees. You can avail benefits of custom pricing structure. Implementing online food ordering system, you can reap enhanced benefits, ensure the success of your business and build customer loyalty by offering excellent customer service.

Our vision to expand worldwide and we are looking for Franchise , Reseller and White label partners. Below are some of the benefits to join us :